The force of the mountains refuels!

Running 95.7 kilometers of marked walking routes is easily possible in the Pitztal region.
This is a real difference to run in the park or for an evening lap "around the block"!

Training in the Innerpitztal and you can combine the best holiday - the unique nature of the Pitztal offers a superb terrain with 12 round courses for ambitious runners, for recreational runners or walkers.

The Pitztal offers:

  • 95.7 kilometers of marked walking trails (with km marker) in a beautiful nature
  • 12 selected tracks from 880 to 2,300 m above sea level with 2.3 to 17.6 km in length - from flat to hilly and mountainously

There are already some events through the pitztal, like the "Trail Maniak" and the "Glacier marathon"

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